US Church Planting
A Ministry of New Life Baptist Church in Columbia, SC

Letters of Recommendation


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Letters of recommendation written by various pastors that I have had the privilege to work side by side with in this ministry. 

Bible Baptist Church Big Timber, MT

Bible Baptist Church Big Timber, MT

Pastor Trevor Martin

"US Church planting was a great blessing to us during the birth of Bible Baptist Church in Big Timber, MT. When laying the foundation of a church, knocking on those first doors and making the very first contacts, it was such an encouragement to have a co-laborer there along the way.   We met two families, who are now regularly attenders of the church, while door knocking on “Operation Go”. One of those families is an older Husband and Wife that trusted Christ They are now actively working on the rest of their family who they have brought with them to church several times.  I have no doubt the Lord was able to use and bless the US Church Planting ministry. It was so incredibly valuable and profitable during those first months leading up to our first kickoff week. And what an encouragement it was to have a fellow laborer working with us along the way!"

Pickerington Baptist Temple Pickerington,OH

Pickerington Baptist Temple Pickerington,OH

Pastor B.J. VanAman

“Brother Hamilton and the US Church Planting Ministry have proved to be a great blessing to my family church. His heart for the Lord and desire to win souls to Christ is contagious. His years of ministry and church planting experience provide much needed godly counsel for young preachers and church planters. There are people in our church today because of Brother John’s willingness to serve the Lord and our church. He has preached to our church and is scheduled to be with us again for our Missions Conference in the coming year. Lord willing, in the future our church will financially partner with US Church Planting Ministry and Brother Hamilton in this much needed ministry to church planters. Therefore, it is with great joy that I recommend to you and your church my friend and co-laborer Brother John Hamilton and the US Church Planting Ministry.”

Bible Truth Baptist Church    Athens, OH

Bible Truth Baptist Church

Athens, OH

Pastor Troy Kline

“Thank you for coming and being such a help to our church and me. The past few months have been invaluable to the ministry here in Athens. As you considered your own beginnings in church planting you were able to see what I need more than I did. (Hindsight being 20/20) This has put me years ahead of where you may have been in starting out. Pastor Hamilton, you have effectively taught us how to reach our community for Christ. Though work was being done before you came, the efficiency of our work was lacking. Since you began helping our attendance has almost doubled, the involvement of our church members has increased dramatically, and most importantly we have seen more people saved in the last three months than in all the months before your coming. Because of all you have taught us, we are very excited to see what God has in store for the future of our church! I know what has happened here has changed both the church and me. Thank you for your patience, your generosity, and your friendship. I hope for years to come you will hear good things coming from Bible Truth Baptist Church. Without question I know I will here great things coming from your ministry as you continue to help churches reach the world for Christ. As Paul said “I thank my God upon every remembrance of you”. Take care and God bless you Brother Hamilton!”

Pastor Silas Clarke

“Brother John Hamilton and the U.S. Church Planting Ministry have been a great help and blessing to me! I was surprised at how easy it was to approach Brother John, about him helping us, and how committed he was to following through with the program! Before we even got started with our church plant he took me out to eat, let me preach in his church and would call me, just to be an encouragement.Once we got started, he helped me go through a soul winning program and was kind enough to drive several hours to come to where I was in Georgia to go win souls. Once we raised all of our support we moved to Minnesota where we recently started our church, and Brother Hamilton flew all the way up here several times to help us out. We canvassed the area with the gospel and saw several people come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Since that time Brother Hamilton has frequently called me to encourage me and to see how things are going. Brother John has been a help to us in so many ways and he has made the start for things here in our new church so much easier! You will truly be blessed to have this dear brother help you in your ministry.”

Elbow Lake Baptist Church    Elbow Lake, MN

Elbow Lake Baptist Church

Elbow Lake, MN

Pastor Bobby Moffett

Family Baptist Church    Pensacola, FL

Family Baptist Church

Pensacola, FL

To whom it may concern,

John Hamilton’s help with starting Family Baptist Church in Pensacola, FL cannot be understated. He provided, not only weekly help knocking doors and making contacts for us, he gave invaluable advice and direction in the early days of the church. His wisdom, time, and experience in the ministry was and continues to be a wonderful help to this young pastor. For those interested in US Church Planting Ministry, take advantage of this wonderful ministry and the knowledge of John Hamilton. His drive to further the Gospel is such a blessing for young pastors and church plants to see and experience. Our church would not be where we are today without his guidance and help. I know that your church will benefit immeasurably by Bro. Hamilton’s ministry.

 Brad Moffett,

Family Baptist Church