US Church Planting
A Ministry of New Life Baptist Church in Columbia, SC

The Clarke Family

The Clarke Family is serving the Lord in Elbow Lake, Minnesota at Elbow Lake Baptist Church. 

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Below you will see our April update!

Greetings in Jesus name!
We are still rejoicing over the two that got saved last month. I have been meeting with Paton every Monday to have a discipleship class to assist in his spiritual growth. Help me pray that he will decide to be baptized soon; for some reason people up here seem to be hesitant to take that next step.

With Rosann I haven’t been able to meet for bible study but she does continue to come to church regularly. We may baptize her in the lake this summer when it gets warmer since we do not have a baptistry in Alexandria yet.

We didn’t see anyone saved this month, but we do have several good prospects. My daughter Isabella and my son Ethan are asking questions and we pray they will be saved soon. Also, we have a girl named Lily that we pick up on the van who is 8 years old, who is asking questions about salvation as well. There is a man named Anthony who has been faithful to come on Sunday nights for the past two months. Every service he raises his hand saying that he is lost, and last night I asked if he would like to talk about being saved and he said that he isn’t quite ready but hopefully soon.

Do pray for our church van ministry, we have two 15 passenger vans now thanks to our home church in Georgia. We have averaged 3 to 8 people on one of the vans each Sunday, but we would like to see them both filled up.

There is a young man 21 years old in our church who got saved last February and he has grown tremendously since then. He is now wrestling with the thought of being a preacher. He has talked to me about it now for over 6 months and the thought hasn’t gone away. Help us pray that he will get it settled.  He’s trying to get his G.E.D. now and then he plans to go to a good, fundamental, KJB, Baptist college.

Update about Alexandria: I met a pastor who has a preacher in his church that has a burden for Alexandria. Help us pray that this might be the right man for our church plant in Alexandria and that a church would be established in this town.

Yours for souls in Minnesota,
Silas, Hope, Isabella, Ethan, and Zachariah.

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We started running a church van and picking up kids on Sunday mornings!