US Church Planting
A Ministry of New Life Baptist Church in Columbia, SC

The Clarke Family

The Clarke Family is serving the Lord in Elbow Lake, Minnesota at Elbow Lake Baptist Church. 

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Greetings in Jesus name!

September was a great month of ministry! As stated in our letter from last month, we had, what we called super soul Sunday on September, 9th. We had it as our soul winning kick off. To raise the spirit in the church we did a football theme, and some ladies in our church made some posters of a football player running with a bible into an in zone that had a cross in it. They also made some shirts that looked like football shirts with our logo on it. You can see the pictures on our church Facebook page. On that Sunday we had four people volunteer to read about soul winners from years gone by, and I introduced the congregation to a record keeping book that I had made for us to write down prospects and keep tract of them. We had two people that got baptized on that Sunday; one man, named Jerome I had been trying to get him baptized for over a year, and he finally did it. The other one, was a young man named Lucas who comes to our church with his parents; he had gotten saved back in August.  After I preached the sermon that morning, two people raised their hands stating that they were lost, when we gave the alter call one of them came down to the altar. I met her in the altar and she said that she wanted to be saved. She prayed one of the prettiest sinners’ prayers that I had heard in a long time! Her name is Deb and she started coming to our set free program about a month ago, she had been full of questions, and she was finally ready to get saved that Sunday; that makes 3 people so far that have been saved since we have started the set free ministry back in February. A lady named Nancy had invited her to our church and now Nancy is meeting with her on Mondays and going through a discipleship book with her.  The following Monday, we went out soul winning, and we had a total of four people that went out that night; that is an increase from me going by myself normally. It has also helped people that I have been teaching about soul winning and discipleship in Sunday school. Also, in September I ran into a lady that I had spoken with during our Flekkefest out reach back in August. I invited her again to come and be with us, and she said If I would be there she would come. The following Sunday she came, and she liked it so much that she brought a friend that Sunday night. Then on the following Sunday they were both their and her friend came to the altar and asked Jesus Christ to save her, and now we will begin to disciple her. We had our fall festival, it was 45 degrees, but we still had 50 people show up. Five of them need salvation Justin, Jolee, Kent, Mike, and Bethany. We are so excited about what is going on in Elbow Lake and Alexandria, pray about coming up here and helping.

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Church service at Elbow Lake. 

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Pastor John presenting Pastor Silas with his certificate of completion. 

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A young man following the Lord in believer's baptism.