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The Clarke Family

The Clarke Family is serving the Lord in Elbow Lake, Minnesota at Elbow Lake Baptist Church. 

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Below you will see our January/February update!

Greetings in the wonderful name of Jesus!

In January a young man named Wyatt started coming to our church. The first night he came to church he was wearing a black over coat and a top hat; so his appearance was a little intimidating. He has some mental health issues, and he has be deceived by the Lutheran religion. He told me his pastor said that no one goes to hell, and he said that his pastor would laugh when he shot other teenagers’ birds and such. We just had a good discussion with him about the theory of evolution and how it is false; he listened intently and seemed to digetst what we were saying. Mitchel the young man that got saved in February is now meeting with him each Friday for bible study. Please help us pray that Wyatt get saved soon.

Kent Bergner has still been coming to church and I just met him and his wife for a marriage Bible study this morning. Kent’s wife Shelly got saved last year, but Kent has yet to receive Christ; this is evident as he used profanity while we were talking. It takes a while for people to thaw out spiritually up here. He has been sober now for 13 months and I believe he feels like that is his redemption, but he needs to realize he is lost.

I have met with a man named Shane several times in the past two months. He is open to discussing the bible and he says that he is going to come to church but he has yet to do so. A lot of people kind of live like hermits here, especially in the winter time; they normally don’t start coming out until May. Haha     Pray for Shane and his need of Salvation.

We went to Georgia for two weeks in February. We left at just the right time as they had temps dip below -30 and wind chills as low as -65 most cars would not crank; they even shut down the postal service in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota for those two days. While we were in Georgia we visit with 6 of our supporting churches and we want to thank all of them for the generous love offerings.

I have been going to the elementary school for release time on Wednesday where we get to sign hymns and share the word of God. Last week I preached from John 3:16 and I gave an invitation and several of the kids said that they received Christ as their savior. I told them if they really meant it to share it with their parents and ask them about being baptized.

 In Alexandria we have moved our service to 3pm on Sunday. I cannot tell if this has helped us yet or not. We have about the same numbers and some are new and some of the old ones have moved away. Stan Griener and I took a young man named Johnathan to lunch last week just to build a relationship with him. He needs to get saved.

We met a lady named Carla who is originally from Kentucky. She said that she would be at church this coming Sunday. After we left Carla’s apartment we walked across the street to another one. We knocked on about three doors and then the forth a man came to the door and I had him some literature. He said, “what do I want that for.” And then he called us stupid and used several other words that I cannot repeat and started shouting go away, go away! We then walked down the hall, went down the stairs and went down the hall to our door, and when we got there he was waiting for us, he met us shouting get out of here, get out of here. It was discouraging to say the least but we will press on. Reaching these religious but lost people in the upper Midwest is not easy, but if just one more soul were to walk down the aisle it would be worth every struggle.

Please help us pray for a permanent place, a pastor, and a growing parish in Alexandria, MN.


Yours for souls in Minnesota,
May God bless you.
Silas, Hope, Isabella, Ethan, and Zachariah.

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We started running a church van and picking up kids on Sunday mornings!