US Church Planting
A Ministry of New Life Baptist Church in Columbia, SC

The Delp Family

Joe & Katie Delp have planted Open Door Baptist Church in Northeast Philadelphia, PA. Their first service was October 14, 2018 with an attendance of 88 people and one saved!

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Pastor Hamilton and New Life Baptist Church,

Thank you for your faithful prayers and financial support of Open Door Baptist Church in Philadelphia. 

This newsletter was delayed in being sent, so although we are nearing the end of April, this newsletter only covers through the end of March.

At this time I'll list month by month a number of things the Lord has allowed us to be a part of in His work for the cause of Christ, since our last newsletter from the middle of January.


The 2019 Theme for Open Door Baptist Church is "ROOTED IN CHRIST" taken from Colossians 2:6-7 where the Bible says, "As ye have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk ye in Him: Rooted and built up in Him, and stablished in the faith, as ye have been taught, abounding therein with thanksgiving."

By the 2nd week of January we began a Bible Doctrine's Series titled, "What We Believe". Through the month of January and into February I preached on the Bible Doctrine's of Bibliology, Theology Proper, Christology, Pneumatology, Anthropology, Hamartiology, Soteriology, Ecclesiology and Eschatology.

A deacon from one of our supporting churches (New Testament Baptist Church - Kinston, NC) built for us a brand new Pulpit and Lord's Table in 2018! In January of this year, Shane Ferris and I were able to travel from Philadelphia to Kinston to pick these incredible items up. Our church absolutely loves them and it sure is my most favorite pulpit I've ever preached from! To God be the glory.

Following that pickup in Kinston, Shane and I drove a little over an hour to Raleigh, NC to be a part of C.O.R.E (Conference on Revival and Evangelism), hosted by Beacon Baptist Church. We were not able to stay for the entire conference, due to the need of not being away for more than a couple days, while being in the early stages of a church plant. It was a blessing to sit in on some extremely helpful sessions and to be challenged through the powerful Bible preaching. It was such a joy to see Pastor Rabon, Dr. Tom Farrell, Dr. John Goetsch, Evangelist Byron Foxx and many other preachers and friends in the ministry.

On January 12th, our precious daughter, Kristie Jo, turned 2 years old! We have been so blessed. It is such a wonderful delight to be her dad. Katie and I are so thankful for how sweet, pleasant and joyful she is. She loves to read, eat, play outside, give big hugs and kisses, watch Curious George, Thomas the Train and Puppy Dog Pals... She normally doesn't get out of bed until nearly 10:00 AM (getting over 12 hours of sleep most nights, except for Sundays)! Praise the Lord for our Sweet Kristie Jo!

Sunday, January 16th we had over two inches of snow come down in our neighborhood of Philly. Oh me of little faith, thinking it would drastically effect the attendance that day. There were over 45 people in attendance, along with 2 first-time visitors! Praise God!

In 2012 a lady named Emily who had lived in our neighborhood of Mayfair in Northeast Philly was preparing to commit suicide, as a drug addict and alcoholic. A Christian neighbor of hers took Emily to Reformers Unanimous. Emily got saved! God is using her testimony in miraculous ways. On Wednesday, Jan. 16th, we had Emily and her husband present that testimony in our Wednesday evening Prayer Meeting and Bible Study. What an incredible evening to God's glory! Many in our young church family were helped by this testimony.

At Chick-fil-A on January 18th, my wife had the joy of leading a lady named Regina to Christ! I met Regina on one of our Saturday door-to-door Outreaches a few weeks into the church plant. She's been attending church faithfully. Praise the Lord!


On Sunday, February 3rd, we were privileged to have some friends of ours from North Carolina visit us for church that morning. They are natives of our Philly neighborhood of Mayfair! Also that morning a Christian lady in our church approached me after the service saying she needs to be baptized. Amen!

ODBC hosted our 1st annual "Heart Sunday" for the week of Valentine's. It was an honor to have guest preacher, Brother Bob Larson, in for this special occasion! He preached a tremendous message on "A Love for God and a Heart for the World". Two people raised their hands for salvation!

Brother Larson is a part of BIMI serving in their "Reseeding America" church planting ministry. We were thrilled to vote on Brother Larson and "Reseeding America" to be a part of our Missions Family at ODBC that same "Heart Sunday"!

The High School basketball team of one of our supporting churches (Valley Forge Baptist - Collegeville, PA) made it to the Championship game for the 2nd year in a row. I'm thankful for a number of friendships I've developed with a few of the guys on this team. I was glad to be there to support them as they won the Championship in thrilling fashion!

Pastor Mell Hall gave us a surprise visit on Sunday, February 17th. He is native of Mayfair from 1935! Years later God used Pastor Hall to plant Calvary Baptist Church in Elkins Park, PA. He's a hero of the faith.

On one of our Saturday morning door-to-door Outreaches in February, I was able to hear one of the young men in our Youth give a clear presentation of the gospel for the first time to an individual. I can't explain the joy it was to see and hear this! To God be the glory.

Towards the end of February we began a Sunday morning Expository Preaching Series in the book of Philippians titled, "Basics for the Church: Living for Jesus, Living like Jesus".

Weighing in at 8 pounds, 14 ounces and 22 inches long, please welcome Conor Reese Delp! Our precious son was born on Thurday, February 28th! We arrived at the hospital at 5:17 PM, and then Conor was born at 5:34 PM, just 17 minutes later! My wife is one of my hero's! She did absolutely spectacular! My parents, as well as Katie's parents were at the hospital with us for this wonderful occasion. Our Sweet Kristie Jo is loving being a big sister. We are so blessed.


Sunday, March 3rd, was an honor having the Valley Forge Baptist Missions Team minister in song in concert form! 12 members of VFB went on a Missions Trip to Germany and ministered with a number of these music concerts. Our church family was overwhelmed by how God-magnifying each song was. They were truly used of the Lord to be a dynamic encouragement for God's glory. I preached a brief gospel message to conclude the service.

ODBC is grateful for the work of Brother Stephen Troell and Faithworks Media. They provided for us our brand new Gospel Tracts geared for the city of Philadelphia. What a job well done!

The 2019 Capitol Connection was hosted by Pastor Creed and Independent Baptist Church with Awake America Ministries on March 11-13. I was only able to attend on Tuesday, the 12th. This is a thrilling opportunity to meet our leaders in Government on Capitol Hill, and not just to meet them, but to pray with them and give them the gospel. This vital 3-day ministry opportunity takes place each year thanks to Awake America Ministries. God is in it! Please consider attending, if you haven't already.

On one of our Saturday morning door-to-door Outreaches in March, the Lord allowed me to meet a guy named Kevin. The Lord opened the door for me to enter his home and share the plan of salvation with him. Kevin got saved that day! Jesus saves!

ODBC is 5 months old, as of March 15th! This is the Lord's doing and it's marvelous in our eyes! Praise His name!

We had a very special Wednesday evening service on the 27th of March. Pastor Kevin Broyhill, from one of our supporting churches (Calvary Baptist Church - King, NC), brought two of his associate pastors to Philadelphia to see the church plant, which includes my brother, Thomas, and Michael Lane! Brother Michael gave a wonderful testimony. My brother, Thomas, sang a tremendous song that stirred our hearts. Pastor Broyhill preached a life-changing message from Hebrews 10 on "A Christian's relationship to the Local Church". There was an exciting turnout for the service. The fellowship before, during and after the service was so sweet.

The next day, my Dad, Thomas, Pastor Broyhill and Brother Michael went to the historic "Rocky Steps", we enjoyed Philly Cheesesteaks and then went to the Philadelphia Phillies Home Opener to see them beat the Braves!

I look forward to sending our next newsletter in May, by God's grace! 


Please pray for current Discipleship Bible Studies that are taking place. Pray for many more souls to be saved and more discipleship to take place.

Please pray for our upcoming Easter Resurrection Sunday and Revival Meetings. Dr. Ron Comfort and Mrs. Comfort will be with us April 21-24. We are begging God to do a mighty, reviving work in and through our young church plant.

Please pray that the Lord will provide a couple or family to serve with the youth of the church. 

Please pray that that Lord will provide a church van, since there are so many needs and uses for that. 

Please pray for wisdom on when to have our Charter Membership Sunday.

Please pray with us and believe God for a Great Awakening in Philadelphia. May God save this city.

Please pray for the city of Philadelphia and specifically for the neighborhood of Mayfair (over 97,000 people in this one neighborhood) God has called us to.

There are 57 neighborhoods in the city of Philadelphia (over 1.5 million people). Our church plant is the 10th independent Baptist church in the city, which means there are still 47 neighborhoods without a solid, Bible-believing, Bible-preaching church.

Please pray that our hearts will stay on fire for the goal: The glory of God and the souls of Philadelphia.


We praise God for how He specifically led us to the Northeast Philadelphia neighborhood called Mayfair.

We praise God for His provision of a vehicle for our family for our deputation travels.

We praise God for His provision of a building to use right in the neighborhood of Philly where He’s called us.

We praise God for the home He provided for us to rent less than 2 minutes from the church building in Mayfair, Philly.

We praise God for a number of churches and individuals who came to Philly to go Door-to-Door with us leading up to the Grand Opening.

We praise God for His mercies that are new every morning, His compassions that never fail and His faithfulness that is so great! (Lamentations 3:19-24)

Thank you for being one our supporting churches and thank you with all of our heart for your faithful prayers! We love you all! Great is our Lord! 


Sunday Morning Worship: 9:00 AM

Sunday Youth Class: 11:00 AM

Wednesday Evening Prayer Meeting & Bible Study: 7:00 PM

Friday Evening Bible Study: 7:00 PM

Revive Us Again,

Joe, Katie, Kristie Jo & Conor Delp

Acts 14:27, II Cor. 8:9