US Church Planting
A Ministry of New Life Baptist Church in Columbia, SC

The Clarke Family

The Clarke Family is serving the Lord in Elbow Lake, Minnesota at Elbow Lake Baptist Church. 

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Below you will see our October/November updates!

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 Emma Cordova got saved back in September, she was baptized in October and continues to be discipled!

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I go every Wednesday to the public school to minister to the 1st - 4th graders. I have gotten a list of over 40 kids to make contact with to see if they would like a ride on our church van.

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Emma Chasten received Christ as her savior in October, she will be baptized November 25th. She continues to be discipled.

John Hamilton preached our mission conference in November; we saw an increase in our faith promise missions giving!

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While brother John was up here he led this lady named Rose to Christ, during our soul winning visitation in Alexandria, Minnesota. She is faithful and now being discipled.

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Our set free addictions ministry! This ministry has opened a back door into our church so to speak. People that wouldn't have ever came to church our coming and being saved, and then coming to church and being baptized and discipled.

Sergio got saved back in June, and has been baptized, he just completed 12 discipleship lessons.

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Shelly was saved back in July, and just completed 12 discipleship lessons!

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We had a Thanksgiving dinner at Gospel light Baptist Church in Alexandria. We got to meet some new people please pray for: Glenn, Linda, Todd, and Connie.

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We started running a church van and picking up kids on Sunday mornings!

Wow, what a year it has been! Souls have been saved, people are being discipled, and the cause of Jesus is still going on. Here are some year end results and some of our plans for next year.

In 2018, through the ministries of Elbow Lake Baptist Church we had 13 people receive Christ as their savior, 9 baptized and 10 Joined as members. We also had discipleship classes with 12 and we continue to meet with 6 – 8 people every week for discipleship. We also had one man answer his calling to preach and another preacher answer his call to the mission field.

Our events in 2018, we constituted the church and obtained ownership or our church building. We started an addictions ministry through which 4 have been saved and several are in months of sobriety. We started running and church van to pick up kids and we hope to see children saved through this soon. We took on 4 missionaries for support. We had 3 revival meetings, a VBS, a booth in the fair, men’s and women’s fellowships, Soul winning, nursing home ministries, a Christmas program and many more.

In 2018, through the ministries of Gospel light Baptist Church we had 5 saved 1 discipled and 0 baptized. We are changes our service times from 6pm on Saturdays to 3pm on Sundays starting in 2019; we hope that this change will help in our endeavor to start a Baptist church in Alexandria, MN. We go every Tuesday giving out gospel bags, inviting people to church, and soul winning. Please help us pray for a permanent place, a pastor and a parish for this church. In Alexandria we had a booth in the fair, and a weeklong tent crusade.
In 2019 in Elbow Lake we plan to have a spring revival meeting, a booth in the fair, a pastor and pastors wife fellowship, a marriage bible study, a young adult bible study, a prophecy tent crusade, an ordination, a VBS, super soul Sunday, a fall revival, a fall festival, and so on.

We also plan to knock on every door in Grant county, possibly remodel our kitchen, possibly re-do our sidewalks, and several other things. If you are interested in coming and helping us with any of these things in the up coming year, we would appreciate that.

In Alexandria, looking for a church building, a pastor,  visiting once a week, and a booth in the fair.

Yours for souls in Minnesota,
May God bless you.
Silas, Hope, Isabella, Ethan, and Zachariah.