US Church Planting
A Ministry of New Life Baptist Church in Columbia, SC

The Clarke Family

The Clarke Family is serving the Lord in Elbow Lake, Minnesota at Elbow Lake Baptist Church. 


Greetings in the wonderful name of Jesus!
Continue to pray for Curtis, Amanda, Shelly, and Chance. I continue to meet with them and have a bible study and they are attending church. Of course pray for them to become more faithful to bible reading, and prayer. Pray for Shelly’s husband Kent; they have recently been reunited after a domestic dispute that happened about 6 months ago due to alcohol. Both of them have been sober since, and since then Shelly has gotten saved. Now we are trying to see Kent get saved also.
In July we had our VBS our people did such a great job decorating and helping! Over the whole week we had 40 different kids come; with some even traveling over an hour from Moorhead Baptist Church. Several kids that stand out that need our prayers are Logan he ran away one night and has a troubled home life,  Jack, and a girl named Annie were very close to being saved; unfortunately Annie’s parent sort of got in the way of that. On our commencement we had two adults in particular who raised their hand stating they were lost. One’s name was Jolee, she continues to come and we hope her and her husband Justin get saved soon. 
The other ones name was Sergio. When we first moved here I got a chance to witness to Sergio and we just seemed to go our separate ways; you know how life works. Well, God brought him back with his kids and VBS. After the VBS commencement Sergio said that he would like to get together and talk. So on Wednesday I sent him a text, later he said that God spoke to him through that because of the timing. That following Sunday night before church I walked into dollar general and practically ran right into Sergio! He said, “I will be at church tonight.” The following morning he text me wanting to meet, later I found out that he took the rest of the day off work so we could meet at 10am. While we met he explained how he felt so lost, and was trying to attain righteousness, but kept failing. I got to tell him that “while we were yet sinners Christ died for us!” So after two hours he bowed his head and got gloriously saved! He was so excited, that he was willing to get baptized on the following Sunday on our 3rdanniversary!
We are having a booth at the fair and a tent crusade in Alexandria the month of August for Gospel Light Baptist Church. Continue to pray for a permanent place and a permanent pastor.

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Church service at Elbow Lake. 

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Pastor John presenting Pastor Silas with his certificate of completion. 

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A young man following the Lord in believer's baptism.