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The Clarke Family

The Clarke Family is serving the Lord in Elbow Lake, Minnesota at Elbow Lake Baptist Church. 

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Below you will see our March update!

Greetings in Jesus name!

We have had a wonderful month in March! At the beginning of the year I preached Psalm 126:6 “He that goeth forth and weepeth bearing precious seed shall DOUBTLESS come again with rejoicing bringing his sheeves with him.” I told everyone that if they will practice this verse then the bible promises that they will DOUBTLESS win someone to Christ in 2019. In this month I had the privilege of leading the two individuals above, to Christ. We met Roseann in Alexandria after she contacted my wife about some toys she had posted on Facebook. When my wife met her she invited Roseann to Church. Since then Roseann has been faithfully coming to Gospel light Baptist Church in Alexandria. On March 17th during the Altar call Roseann raised her hand, and since we don’t have and altar, I went and met her at her seat and I had the privilege of leading her to Christ! We are about to start holding bible studies with Roseann. It is a big blessing to have some fruit here in Alexandria!

I met Paton about a month ago when he came to church in Elbow Lake with his mom Billie Jo. Last week I got to go to lunch with him and not long into lunch he practically brought up the gospel. I went on to share the gospel with him and then I asked if he would like to accept Christ. He said that he would like to think about it. The following Sunday he came to church, but they had to leave just before the invitation. However, I was excited to see him come back that Sunday night. As soon as I got done with my message he came down to the altar and asked Christ to save him! 

 Yours for souls in Minnesota,
May God bless you.
Silas, Hope, Isabella, Ethan, and Zachariah.

Paton Smith

Paton Smith

Roseann Mershon

Roseann Mershon

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We started running a church van and picking up kids on Sunday mornings!